Ashes of an Empire

Session 2

Finding the Harken-class Luxury Liner

This is a recap based on campaign notes from 10 months ago to the best of my memory and will not reflect all of what occurred.

The group was able to leave the Korit Spaceport with no further incidents. Inside the enclosed hoverskiff, Mr. Dorn had hired two other companions, a noble by the name of Baron Finde and a pilot. They headed towards Imapro, a corporate mining town on the edge of the Wastelands, but also a convenient stopping point before they ventured into the Wastelands. Imapro is also the home of Demetri, who owns a small shop on the outskirts. Though Mr. Dorn and Baron Finde stayed at nicer furnishings, the rest resided either in the hoverskiff or on the floor of Demetri’s house.

Two things were learned in Imapro. One was that people were asking questions about the strangers, almost like someone had been here first. The other was that there was a recent attack by Wasteland Hounds at a small mining house not even 20 miles east of Imapro. There were a couple of survivors, but they were in critical condition. Jericho, having spent too much time in the Wastelands, knews that Wasteland Hounds are vicious, lion sized creatures that have the ability to exhaust and weaken their prey before ripping them to shreds.

It took the group a few days of hard travel into the Wastelands to find the ship. Jericho was able to realize that they were being hunted by Wasteland Hounds and they were able to stay one step ahead of them. They knew that others had become interested in this ship, and by staying ahead of the Wasteland Hounds, the group was able to stay ahead of their pursuers as well.

They arrived at the abandoned ship that crashed landed into a hillside. The remains of the crew were found. The crash and 200 years since caused some damage, but the ship is surprisingly functional. The onboard power supply worked. The ship board gravity system worked, but isn’t stable. Though only the cockpit and living quarters are designed to have gravity. The cargo hold and engine rooms were never outfitted with gravity controls in this design. There was a large gap in the cargo hold and a few minor ones. There was a crack in the cockpit glass that will need to be fixed before leaving the atmosphere. The engines need fixed. The atmospheric engines being in better shape than the space engines. The hyperdrive is totally non-functional and beyond anyone on the planet to fix. The medical bay and living quarters were in good shape, minus the dust and skeletal remains.

After a couple of hours of investigating the ship, they spotted a dust cloud in the distance. Approaching from the west was a hoverskiff full of armed bandits, one of which they recognized as the man who accosted them in the spaceport in Korit, one Arken Skyspell. After an extended fire fight which quickly turned against the bandits, Arken Skyspell abandoned his hired men and left on his hoverskiff. Most of his men were killed out right, but the Raptarian, one Tyrarn Fex, surrendered. He was convinced that it was in his best interest to divulge what he knew which admittedly as a hired gun, wasn’t much. Tyrarn Fex was hired by Mr. Skyspell to accompany him on a raid. Was paid 5,000 credits upfront and was going to get another 20,000 credits after the job was done. Given that his employer left, he will take his 5,000 credits and look for another job.


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