Ashes of an Empire

Session 1

My Name is Mr. Dorn

This is a recap based on campaign notes from 10 months ago to the best of my memory and will not reflect all of what occurred.

Hadrian Dorn, a well known art dealer in Andora has discovered the suspected location of an old Imperium ship from the time of the civil war. Others have heard rumors of a ship found in the Wastelands as well. Among those are a Korit doctor by the name of Luther Terry, a Wastelander by the name of Jericho, an engineer from Imapro by the name of Demetri, an Anubi weapons dealer by the name of Thunder. Mr. Dorn discovered that this ship was once owned by a noble by the name of Garin Korg. If the ship is relatively undisturbed, Garin Korg who was escaping the civil war, would have had nearly all of his most prized possessions.

Mr. Dorn then decided to put together a team to go after the ship. He offered them each 10,000 credits, assuming they survive and him survive, but Mr. Dorn would get any items or artifacts that he wished. Anything else, including the ship could then be taken by the adventurers. Mr. Dorn knew that he had been followed and that his shop had been watched, but doesn’t know by whom. He told the adventurers that he expected resistenance, but was unsure of how much. He figured hiring the Anubi would suffice. Mr. Dorn told the group to meet him at the spaceport in Korit, where they would rent a hoverskiff to travel east into the Wastelands.

A couple of the more observant adventurers noticed that in Korit, they were being followed. When they arrive at the spaceport at the agreed upon time, they noticed Mr. Dorn being accosted by two individuals, one of whom in a duster is obviously doing all of the talking. The group quickly realizes as they get involved to protect their employer, that there are other thugs in the rafters of the docking bay that fire at them. Some fire is exchanged between both groups, and after Dr. Terry blinds Arken Skyspell briefly and Demetri gains control of the hoverskiff remotely, they are able to get Mr. Dorn onto their hoverskiff and they raced out of the spaceport towards Imapro.


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