The Anubi were discovered by the Sol Imperium during the height of their Empire some 600 years ago. They were named by the Imperium scientists from an ancient earth god by the name of Anubis, a jackal headed god of the dead, because their physical likeness to this ancient god but their almost unwillingness to surrender in battle. The Anubi are not highly intelligent and never discovered space flight. Even 600 years later, they still prefer the ground to their feet. Anubi prize valor and combat above all other, but are very loyal to their clans and families. Those Anubi that do leave their homeworld often do so to look for work. They are highly prized as bodyguards, but are often taken advantage among the less scrupious individuals of the galaxy.

Anubis is a cool earthlike world with a variety of different landscapes including a large number of deserts. Average world humidity is 43% due to the number and size of the deserts. This 1.3G is much larger than earth and with a water coverage of only 54%, it has a huge land area compared to most planets.

Major Government
Anubis is ran by a Military Republic. The Upper Parliment is ran by the heads of the 7 major clans advised by human representives. The Lower Parliment is elected by the populace though a requiremnt to run for office is 10 years military service.

Anubi [15]

+2 ST [20] B15
+1 HT [10] B15
-1 IQ [-20] B15

Acute Hearing 3 [6] B35
Acute Taste and Smell 3 [6] B35
Damage Resistance (Tough Skin) 1 [3] B46
Extra Fatigue Points 3 [9] B16
Extra Hit Points 2 [4] B16
Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1] B91
Temperature Tolerance 2 (range 13-90°F) [2] B93
Ultrahearing [5] B94

Chummy [-5] B126
Color Blindness [-10] B127
Compulsive Behavior (Grooming; 9 or less) [-5] B128
Sense of Duty, Specific Anubi Clan [-10] B153
Social Stigma (backwater species) [-5] B155

Racial Skills:
Brawling (DX +2) [4] B182


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