On the edge of the old Imperial Galaxy, resides a partially terraformed planet named Sonoma. Sonoma was founded 50 years before the Galactic Civil War by two brothers, Andor and Corvan Sonoma, who ran a terraforming company. Usually they were only one of many terraforming companies involved in a project, but Sonoma was the first they took on solo. After decades and many set backs, the Sonoma brothers split and the company imploded. Though many other companies began to make money on Sonoma, Andor and Corvan both died in poverty. When the civil war broke out, terraforming ceased on Sonoma and has never been finished. Sonoma is the only habitable planet in the system, though the moon and a couple of the other planets have isolated bases.

A full third of the land mass is a desolate area known as the Waste Land, a rocky terrain where water is sparse and vegetation, sparser. Sonoma’s population is less than 500 million, small compared to many other plants, with most of the population located in a few major population centers. Though both of the largest two cities have slums, most of the poor live along the coastal areas. The terraformed land is very fertile, harvested by robotic machinery and a significant portion of the food produced is shipped off planet. The only other major resource is Invarium, a rare ore which is mined both on planet and from the orbiting moon that is used in starship fuel. It is revenue from the ore that primary keeps the hyperspace lane in semi-working order. The jump gate is getting old and the likelihood of it ever being replaced is slim to none.

Population Centers:

Andora – The capital of Andor and a metropolis of over 225 million people.

Korit is one of the few large cities scattered around the Andoran continent.

Imapro is a small rough and tumble mining city of about 50 miles from the Wastelands.


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