The Hogganati are a timid porcine race located in the Kolaxian system. They evolved among marshes and swamps, developing humanoid postures some 400,000 years ago. Unlike many humanoid races, they still retain much of their porcine nature. Their sense of smell is astounding, but are easily manipulated. Though highly intelligent they are considered backward by the Great Races of the galaxy. Discovered by the Sol Imperium a 150 years before the Galactic Civil War, they were mostly left alone. Even during the Civil War, no fighting occurred in their sector. Some Hogganati have left their homeworld, but not many. Most end up being scientists or researchers since they have a difficult time interacting with other races.


Major Government

Hogganati [16]

+1 ST [10] B15
+1 IQ [20] B15
+1 Per [5] B15
-2 Will [-10] B15

Acute Taste and Smell 3 [6] B35
Universal Digestion [5] B35

Gluttony [-15] B35
Shyness [-5] B35


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