Raptarians are a bipedal therapod that at first glance are often mistaken as fierce beasts. To do so is to grossly underestimate their intellect as are known galaxy wide as merchants and their corporations are some of the leading designers and manufacturers of modern weaponry, hyperdrive technology and robotics. Those that do not ply their skills at trade often become corporate or freelance assassins. Raptarian traders can be found at all major spaceports and Raptarian corporations aggressively expand their influence across the galaxy.

Raptarians are shrewd beings and regardless of whether their goals are in sports, combat or business, they approach all difficulties in a cold and efficient manner, preferring to focus on guile and subterfuge to accomplish their goals. Though they are not adverse to violence if that is what is required.

Standing on average of 5’5", Raptarians have long necks that end in a velociraptor style head, powerful lower legs and prehensile hands. The males have tails and the females do not. There are four subspecies that are determined by their colorful patterns that adorn their scales. Some interbreeding between the subspecies happen, but is considered socially unacceptable, especially on their homeworld.


The Raptarian homeworld is a temperate earth-like world that is dominated by humid jungles. They control a few small adjoining systems, but have major corporate holdings in nearly every major sector.

Major Government

The government is ran by coalition of the leading CEOs of Raptarian corporations both within the home systems and foreign. One CEO is elected by his peers as the President of the Coalition for a 5 year office.

Raptarian [20]

+1 IQ [20] B15
-1 Will [-5] B16

Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin – Scales) [6] B46
Night Vision 3 [3] B71
Reputation as Cunning Assassins +1 (Criminals x½, All the time x1) [3] B26
Striking ST 2(Legs only) [8] B88
Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1] B91
Temperature Tolerance 0 (range 50-105°F) [0] B93

Code of Honor (Professional) [-5] B127
Frightens Animals [-10] B137
Reputation as Resourceful Entrepreneurs -1 (Almost everyone but own race x1, All the time x1) [-5] B26

Racial Skills:
Subspecies 1: Mechanic/TL 10 (IQ +1) [4] B207
Subspecies 2: Stealth (DX +1) [4] B222
Subspecies 3: Diplomacy (IQ +0) [4] B187
Subspecies 4: Acrobatics (DX +0) [4] B174


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